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"You are an amazing stylist! I had a wonderful time with you today.  I am chic and streamlined! I feel empowered, and that is what it's all about.  Finding the "me" among all the rest.  Thank you!" -Shelly Rosenburg Dallas, Tx

"Dress Marie helped me with the sizes and colors and tailored the consultation to fit my needs and schedule. I would recommend this service to anyone!" -Evan Howell Houston, Tx

"After losing a considerable amount of weight, I was in dire need of a new wardrobe and didn't know where to begin.  My daughters gave me a Dress Marie consultation for my birthday, the best gift EVER!  Bridget came to my home and we chatted about my likes and dislikes. Then she reviewed my closet!  Bridget offered updated suggestions that were age and style appropriate.  I now feel like my clothes and exterior match my inner self.  Thank you, Dress Marie!"- Barbie Lemanski Houston, Tx

“Bridget was extremely professional throughout the wardrobe styling process. She helped me take an honest look at the clothes in my closet and re-evaluate every single item based on my desire to create a complete look that complements my individual fashion needs. She was particularly skilled at helping me create outfits that work well from the office to after-work functions. I highly recommend Dress Marie for professionals who do not have time to manage their wardrobes.” - Ashlee Woods Dallas, Tx

"Bridget is really skilled in being able to move you through your closet and help you "clean out" what you really should have thrown out a long time ago and most importantly she helped me re-discover my entire closet.  I spent the last couple of years being pregnant and then becoming a mom of a toddler. I had forgotten that I had a waistline and started wearing clothes that were spillover's from my maternity days.  Bridget encouraged me to start wearing belts, skirts and colors again.  I feel like a new person and moreover I can go "shopping" in my closet every day.  Thanks so much!! "- Marie Myers Houston, Tx

"As a reluctant shopper, I began working with Bridget when I needed a whole week of clothes for Fiesta in San Antonio. It was a huge help to have my shopping done, but it has been the most surprising and fun that I now shop outside my previous comfort (and a bit boring!) zone. I've learned that some "looks" that I would have never tried do work for me." - Marilyn Halpin Dallas, Tx

"I used to find shopping so frustrating; I would waste my money on purchasing items that were not right for me, which ultimately I would not wear. Bridget helped me identify the best clothes for my body type and lifestyle and now my closet has only items that fit and flatter me. Thanks to Bridget, I wear my clothes with confidence and I always get compliments." - Monique Black Dallas, Tx


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